Good-bye, Comfort Zone.

Stretching is Good by Indexed

October? Intense. Seriously.

The Run for the Cure was a grand day out. The weather was less than inviting, though, so Marc opted to stay home with Freyja instead of subjecting ¬†all of us to a pissed-off toddler in a jogging stroller. Instead of my husband, I ran with a dear friend, a neighbour, and a friend’s 8-year-old son. We nattered away, whiling away the kilometres. It was pretty awesome, and something else. I’m not sure how to identify it, but it was a powerful moment. Running across the finish line was momentuous. Walking away from the finish line, I felt a sudden, profound ache for my mom but also incredible pride and satisfaction. I’ve been working towards this since July, and to finally do it was empowering.

And now, 5 days later, it feels like my heart has been through a bit of a wringer. Preferred Status? Check. Shared Services Canada? Why not. I am trying to embrace change, celebrate chaos and maintain optimism in the face of rapid changes and massive uncertainly but the effort can be a bit draining. It’s just work, this I know, and yet my usual detachment is lacking. Ultimately, I know I’ll land on my feet, but the process is driving me a bit nuts. In the meantime, I am trying to remind myself to stay out of the magic’s way and let the Universe turn me in the direction I most need to go.

Namaste, or something.

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