In summation

2011 is nearly done. 3 more sleeps until 2012, and the time seems right for rememberances. The year is winding down at work. I am one of three people here today and tomorrow. Manning the silent phones, as it were. I’m taking this time to get myself sorted professionally, emotionally and mentally to start a new job early in the new year. So it seems fitting to take a few moments to look back.

2011 started with a bang – right to my immune system. We returned from our annual trip to France, me looking like an extra from 28 Days Later. Winter turned to spring, racing past birthdays and anniversaries, into summer. And a glorious summer it was. Freyja and I spent nearly every day out in the back yard, gardening, puttering and enjoying each other’s company.

Then came fall, and the return to “work”. As in, paid, in an office, away from home. People had been warning me to prepare myself for the shift, and how. The first week I was back, we received an announcement that our entire division was Workforce Adjusted. Almost 60 people. Can you imagine? The retention exercises dragged out through the fall, while we shuffled feet, paper and dealt with sagging morale. Countless hours at the gym, taking long lunches, and enjoying the company of my dearest friends while we still worked in the same postal code. Not being retained, I went to interview after interview, balancing positivism with realism, until finally an offer came before Christmas.

December brought a trip to Chicago, long awaited and not nearly long enough. Too much eating, just a bit of shopping, and hours of sightseeing by foot. Chicago, I love you and will be back.

And now, the sun king has died and is resurrecting. The days grow infintessimally longer, though we are still plunged in the dark during the commutes to and from. Christmas has come and gone and was a breathless, magical delight that left Freyja speechless and our cat gripped by what can only be an allergy to pine sap in her ears.

2012 brings new work, a new hobby in the form of group leading for the Running Room, new creative projects, new challenges with our beloved toddler still in the throes of “no!” and “mommy go!”, and the ever anticipated return of spring with biking and gardening beginning to occupy my imagination. No doubt there will be new trips, new adventures, new discoveries, new hopes and new heartbreaks.

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