100 Things

Although I was raised by Virgos, the list-makers of the Zodiac, I myself am not typically a lover of lists. Grocery lists get forgotten, to-do lists disappear under the cat, wish lists get eaten by one of the dogs. And now with a toddler rampaging about the house, well, who has time for lists?

That said, there is definitely a certain value in listing goals, desires, wishes. And so, to help focus and stay focused, here is my very own 100 Things for 1000 Days.

  1. Run the 5k Run for the Cure - Done
  2. Get a bike trailer for my bike – Done
  3. Ditch the car once the weather allows – Done
  4. Try biking to work (once I got back to work) – Done
  5. Find an hour a day for exercise
  6. Lose remainder of baby weight and get to goal weight (sigh)
  7. Participate in a seed exchange
  8. Make a snowman
  9. Repair and repaint my old dollhouse (read: Freyja’s new dollhouse)
  10. Do breast self-exams every month
  11. Practice obedience with Maisy and Kieran for at least 5 minutes every day
  12. Go kayaking
  13. Take tennis lessons
  14. Enter a tennis tournament
  15. Go horseback riding
  16. Introduce Freyja to a horse
  17. Try downhill skiing
  18. Teach Freyja to skate
  19. Take more belly dancing classes
  20. Take swimming lessons with Freyja
  21. Make time for yoga every week
  22. Finish the Couch-to-5K program
  23. Do 100 consecutive push-ups and sit-ups
  24. Visit at least 2 other countries in Europe besides France
  25. Visit a Canadian city I’ve never been before
  26. Swim in the ocean
  27. Visit Chicago
  28. Take a road trip somewhere new
  29. Visit Iceland
  30. Visit Hawaii
  31. Visit a province above the 60th parallel
  32. Go to Jamaica (there’s a story here)
  33. Take Freyja west to see the mountains and the Pacific
  34. Take Freyja (and Marc) to Islendingadagurinn
  35. Take Freyja to Disneyland
  36. Sing in public
  37. Go to a movie by myself
  38. Learn Icelandic
  39. Learn PHP
  40. Make money doing freelance graphic + web designDone
  41. Practice enough French to get my “C”-levels at work
  42. Learn baby sign language
  43. Cook at least three Icelandic recipes
  44. Take at least one refresher piano lesson
  45. Learn to play guitar
  46. Learn flash
  47. Make a cool flash animation
  48. Clean up my iPod
  49. Organize my digital photos
  50. Lead a workshop
  51. Get rid of the satellite and go tv-free 1 day a week
  52. Plant a vegetable garden
  53. Plant fruit trees in the front yard
  54. Start plants from seeds – Done
  55. Put up a clothes-line in the backyard
  56. Go no-impact for a week
  57. Go 100% handmade for all gifts for one year
  58. Purge my wardrobe
  59. Get our household plastic-free
  60. Knit something more complex than a scarf done in stocking stick
  61. Clean out the crawl space
  62. Make a mobile
  63. Sew an article of clothing for Freyja
  64. Read at least 30 new books
  65. Watch all the Oscar nominees before the Oscars ceremony
  66. Donate blood
  67. Write my screenplay
  68. Mail a secret to PostSecret
  69. Start and finish a photo 365 project
  70. Become a breastfeeding mentor – Done
  71. Reread the Lord of the Rings
  72. Have a photo published
  73. Take 1 photo a day of something non-Freyja related
  74. Buy socks
  75. Stop biting nails (again) – Done
  76. Nurse Freyja until she is at least two
  77. Try fish
  78. Try making felted fruit
  79. Finish knitting Freyja’s afghan
  80. Get in control of my finances
  81. Make more time to celebrate and honour the spiritual
  82. Purge my books
  83. Try making homemade paper with embedded seeds
  84. Start and finish 100 Mothers project
  85. Participate in the 2011 Breastfeeding Challenge
  86. Eat more fruit
  87. Find a red lipstick that looks good on a redheaded complexion
  88. Listen to every song in Bjork discography at least twice
  89. Train Maisy to dig in a sandbox (not in my flowerbed)
  90. Read a novel in French
  91. Try my hand at tiling upstairs bathroom
  92. Repaint basement
  93. Rearrange rec room so that it is hip but functional
  94. Start doing papier mache sculpture again
  95. Try eyelash extensions
  96. Try hair extensions
  97. Volunteer
  98. Finish HR development program
  99. Get new glasses – Done
  100. Nap more often

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